Word Count Monday

Every Monday, I plan to do an update post on how my writing has gone the week before. I’ll talk a little about the books I’m working on and how much I’ve written/edited throughout the week and hopefully you guys find it interesting!

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#Blogmas | Short Story: Breath of Air

For today, I thought I would share a piece of writing that I did for my first assignment for A215 Creative Writing with the Open University last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the Creative Writing modules (finished A363 Advanced Creative Writing in April this year) and would highly recommend them to anyone considering an OU course. Anyway, here’s the story that I submitted for my first assignment, in all its unedited glory. Continue reading

On the first day of Blogmas…

Hello everyone!

It’s been two YEARS to the day since I last posted on here and that is just shameful!


So, to remedy this, I’ve decided to participate in Blogmas and attempt to post something interesting here on the blog every day in December. I’m scheduling my first couple days and then I’ll probably have to start winging it later in the month when I run out of ideas!

So, for today, the first post of Blogmas, I’m going to write a little life update to bring you guys up to speed.

In the past two years I have:

  • come off my anxiety medication and now function like a well-adjusted human being
  • got a new job and moved to Dundee permanently
  • became a cat mother to two rescue kittens, Luffy and Gray
  • in 2016 alone I have been to the London Book Fair, SCBWI conference in Winchester, and Amsterdam
  • I have completed a further three novels
  • I finally know how to use Twitter!
  • I started a BookTube channel and promptly abandoned it
  • I’ve been running a book review blog, Heather Reviews
  • I am one module away from completing my degree

As you can see I have been very productive lately! I’m looking forward to sharing more posts with you in the coming days and I hope you all enjoy it! See you tomorrow 😀