Write Here, Write Now | February Deadline Writing Competitions


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#Blogmas | Short Story: Breath of Air

For today, I thought I would share a piece of writing that I did for my first assignment for A215 Creative Writing with the Open University last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the Creative Writing modules (finished A363 Advanced Creative Writing in April this year) and would highly recommend them to anyone considering an OU course. Anyway, here’s the story that I submitted for my first assignment, in all its unedited glory. Continue reading

#14 Writing Group Prompts

A while ago I was a member of a local writing group – albeit for one meeting because it conflicted with my work hours (still does which is why I can no longer attend the meetings). Anyway, on the meeting that I went to, we went around the table and read out some things (I read out the prologue for my vampire novel, Hunted, which received great feedback and one comment of “Okay, now you’ve got my interest!” After going around the table, we came up with four prompts to do a quick story with. I didn’t have any paper with me at the time so I typed the prompts up on my phone – intending to do a piece of writing when I got home and then read it out at the next meeting. Continue reading

#11 Short Story: Keep Believing

I know that I said I was going to post the activities from the A215 day school here today, but I didn’t get around to them yesterday so instead I’m going to post another short story. This one was included in Write For Japan, an anthology that I put together to raise money for the tsunami relief fund the Red Cross put together in 2011. I wrote this one when I was 20. Continue reading

#9 Short Story: A Flower

Today I thought I would share a piece of my writing with you. The following short story is one that I wrote when I was 21 and was for inclusion in one of the charity anthologies that I’ve put together. A Flower can be found in Write For Haiti, an anthology with stories based on the theme of Kindness. Any proceeds from sales of the book go to the Random Acts charity. Continue reading