#Blogmas | EBay Drama

Oh goodness, so yesterday was quite the eventful day for myself and my boyfriend. Continue reading


#Blogmas Fail

Well, I almost made it. Unfortunately, my laptop – and thus my way of blogging – was taken away from me so my boyfriend had a webcam for a job interview. The interview took four hours and by the time he was finished, I was so restless from being cooped up in the bedroom with the cats all day (so they wouldn’t disturb the interview) that we headed out to the post office to ship some things we’d sold on eBay and then to the cafĂ© so he could treat me to a mac and cheese… but of course that was shut!

Anyway, by the time we got back home, I was knackered and didn’t open my laptop – just sat in bed and read. Doing nothing can really take it out of you!

So, yes, I missed my Blogmas post yesterday sadly. At least I’m writing this today – such a post that it is.

See you tomorrow guys! x

#Blogmas | A Winter Wonderland

I’m still waiting on the first snowfall here in Dundee. There’s not been so much as a rogue snowflake. I’m seriously wishing that Christmas will be like this image:


But I somehow doubt it with the way the weather’s been going lately. Any snow where you are?

See you tomorrow x