Goodbye, January.

It is the end of the month and I am woefully behind in my blogging. Having said that, January has been a funny old month…

The month kicked off really well. I revamped this blog and started posting to a schedule (both here and on my review blog). It was going great until I got sick on the 9th and ended up lying around feeling like I was slowly shrivelling away for about four days.

I had my first dentist appointment of 2017 on the 17th (no plaque, woo!) and needed to get two fillings (boo!). My dentist has been my dentist my entire life. I love the guy. But when he numbed up the bottom left half of my mouth and the top right half, I wanted to punch him. I usually just suffer through my fillings but these were slightly worse than the five minute jobs I usually get. Needless to say, I spent the rest of that day drinking through a straw and slobbering while I talked.

I had a meeting at a local cat shelter to see about potentially running their social media sites for them. While they liked the idea, they’re very wary of social media (I don’t blame them!) and so they’ve offered to start me as cat photographer so there’s some beautiful pictures in the reception. I still need to meet with the lovely gentleman I emailed (we missed each other by five minutes when I went down) but it looks like it’ll be a great way to give back to my local community and help get some cats adopted!

The last good thing of January was that my boyfriend finally started his new job! He took a voluntary redundancy from his last job November 2015 and has been unemployed since (much to my chagrin), but now he has a call centre style job that allows him to work from home. It’s ideal for him and we’ve got more money coming in so it’s ideal for me too!

Now, the sad things. Tim’s grandfather passed away during the middle of the month rather suddenly. It took us all by surprise but his funeral was well attended and there was much laughter and stories.

During January, I read a total of 13 books (11 novels, 2 graphic novels) and wrote a total of 3,474 words. Neither of them was quite what I had hoped to achieve. My goal was 15 books (so almost made it) but 35,000 words. I wanted to have a complete first draft of The Moon Child, but life got in the way and writing was the thing I pushed to the back.

Looking ahead to February, I’ve got a book launch to attend in just a few days and then, who knows? I’m excited to see what will come of the month ahead.

As for my February writing goal:

  • Have a first draft of The Moon Child
  • Revise A Little Touch of Magic

I’m going to keep myself busy.

Hope you’ve had a great month!

Heather x


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