Write Here, Write Now | February Deadline Writing Competitions


For today’s post, I wanted to do a list of writing competitions that end in February/take place in February. I’m always on the lookout for competitions to enter, but haven’t actually done one for a long time. Perhaps one in the list will catch your eye and give you the courage to enter something you wrote!

Free to Enter

They’re looking for 1000 word short stories about a travel experience unlike any other. It’s open to anyone who isn’t actively paid to write about travel, young and old, but must be over 18 to enter. Deadline is February 5th 2017 and the prize is £1500 and a session with a Penguin editor.

This competition is looking for essays of 800-1000 words on one of the given topics on the website. The competition is open to anyone. Deadline is February 10th 2017 and the prizes are 1st: $1000. 2nd: $500 3rd: $250.

Twitter Pitch Contests

I don’t personally know much about this one and the official date is still to be confirmed so if you feel like checking this one out, you might need to just follow the hashtag for more info.

I’m not sure if this one is still active. The articles on their site are all at least two years old so far as I can see, but I’ll include it just in case. Pitch and win $250 and a consultation with the Book Doctors.

The Queen of Twitter Pitch Contests, Brenda hosts numerous ones throughout the year. The submission window for this year’s Pitch Madness is February 24th, so plenty of time to get those pitches honed and ready to see if any agents bite during the day.

Pay to Enter

This contest is open to international entries as well as the US but entries must be written in English. Word limit is 1000 words but you’re allowed up to 3 stories per entry. The fee is $17 and the deadline is February 1st 2017. Prize is $1000 and publication in their magazine.

For this contest, you’re allowed to submit up to 2 poems for $35 Canadian but you can submit more if you’re willing to pay a larger fee. Poems are welcome from around the world and the deadline is February 1st 2017. The prize is a whopping $5000 Canadian and there’s a $500 Canadian Honorable Mention this year. The short listed entries will have paid publication in an issue of Arc Poetry Magazine.

This contest is looking for short stories up to 1500 words that have a connection (no matter how small) with Australia. The entry fee is $12 Australian and you can submit up to three stories (paying the entry fee each time). The deadline is February 5th 2017 and there’s a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended prize. 1st Prize is $450 Australian cash, publication, and book related goodies.

This competition is open to adults 16+. With a word limit of 2017, writers are asked to write a short story based on the given quote. Entry fee is £5 and the deadline is February 28th 2017. 1st prize is £1000, 2nd is £500.

Please do research any competition you’re thinking of entering to make sure it is 100% legitimate. I hold no responsibility for the information provided here, all of it has been compiled from various other websites.

Good luck if you choose to enter any of these!


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