#onelinewed | January 16th


For today’s One Line Wed post, I’mm taking a line from a different novel. I’ve only got one more chapter to upload of A Little Touch of Magic on WattPad, so I’ve started doing my revision on it (and by that I mean I’ve written a whopping 460 words of a second draft). So, to have a little change of pace, here’s one line from A Little Touch of Magic:

‘There’s some old geezer down there looking for an heir, apparently. We’re all to be the best little kiddies we can be.’

I know, I know. Technically I’m cheating because it’s too sentences but it makes much more sense this way. This is taken from the first chapter and I really am in love with this novel.

I’ve been making a book trailer for it and a friend of mine has designed a beautiful new cover to replace my slapdash WattPad version. Once it’s revised, I plan to release it as an ebook so I’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date with that!

A Little Touch of Magic

Read it here.

Ilaina is an orphan with no memory of her time before the orphanage. Although the matron has always been nice to her, and the other children generally let her be, Ilaina has always been restless. Something big was coming. She wasn’t sure what, but she knew that it would change her life. What she didn’t expect was a haggard older gentleman who wanted to adopt her. Who was he? And why was he so interested in her? She had never told anyone about her fairies; the little creatures she could summon when she wanted, but this man spoke as though he knew of them.

Unsure as to whether she should be wary or not, Ilaina tries to keep her distance from her new adoptive parent by exploring his large house with many dark passages and hidden secrets. Just who was this man who had taken her away from her humdrum life? And what was he keeping hidden in his home…


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