Heather Lawson Writes

#onelinewed | January 4th


I’ve seen this hashtag floating around on Twitter a lot over the last couple months as I’ve followed more and more writers so I thought that I would participate myself but also make a blog post to go along with it.

Here’s my one line for today:

At eleven years old, I’m a pro at hair-dying.

This is the opening line of my newest WIP, The Moon Child. It’s a middle grade story set in a fictional town in Scotland.

The story popped into my head one afternoon when, for some reason, this rhyme got stuck in my head:

There once was a girl who was born to the moon
With hair so silver-white that it lit up a room

Gifted to a lonely soul with a heart-felt wish
For a sweet little child they will always cherish.

I’ll be posting more about The Moon Child as I work on the first draft during January. My aim is to have a 40k first draft and whittle it down to 35k in edits (preferably). I’ll see how I get on.

No blurb or mock cover yet, I’ll work on those in the next couple of days most likely.

I’m off to scroll through the hashtag on Twitter now!

Have a great day x