WattPad Writing | Another Chapter Upload

I started uploading my WattPad stories on a Sunday because it’s the only day of the week that I have consistently off from work. Today, I uploaded the next chapter in A Little Touch of Magic, here’s something I’ve noticed…

I started uploading A Little Touch of Magic somewhere around February or March. In the beginning, I was uploading sporadically as I wrote the chapters. I then switched to uploading on a Thursday and stuck to that schedule for a while.

What I spotted was that people were participating more when I consistently updated (no big surprises there). My story shot up to 1000 views and I was honestly surprised because I didn’t think I would get noticed in the vast amount of stories that are available on WattPad.

I do very little promotion – a tweet when I upload a chapter with some hashtags to try and get the right people to see it – so I truly appreciate every time someone reads my chapters.

Comments were quite frequent in the beginning; people were speculating about what was going to happen etc. Because I trailed off with uploads, mostly due to not being able to write the chapters fast enough, comments have trailed off and haven’t picked up since.

WattPad is one of those platforms that can be absolutely amazing for an author. Taran Matharu is a name that springs to mind – his Summoner series was picked up after huge success. Estelle Maskame is another – her Did I Mention I Love You? trilogy is massively popular and already translated across many countries.

Most people don’t get the publishing offer but still have millions of reads from very loyal readers on the site.

I initially uploaded A Little Touch of Magic as an experiment. The website tends to appeal to the tween/teen audience most – the majority of stories is fan fiction based around bands like One Direction (or was the last time I checked properly). A Little Touch of Magic is a middle grade series, so I wondered how it would perform.

I’ve now only three chapters to upload until the first book is complete and I’m currently sitting on 1,848 views. This is impressive for me, if not by the standards of most WattPad authors. I’d like to hit 2k views by the time the book is finished.

I’m not sure if it will be read more once it’s marked as complete, but I’m going to take these Sunday posts to track its progress and the continuing progress of the series as a whole.

Have you ever uploaded anything to WattPad? What age group/genre was it? How did you get on with views/votes?

Have a great day! x


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