#Blogmas | EBay Drama

Oh goodness, so yesterday was quite the eventful day for myself and my boyfriend.

We had shipped our 8 eBay parcels a couple of days ago and were delighted to see that people were receiving their gifts yesterday.

Sadly, the first message we got was from a buyer telling us we’d sent the wrong game.

Now, I’d like to note that all of my items were checked, double-checked and the addresses checked and double-checked before we sent them. Tim doesn’t seem to think we need to do that.

So, this buyer had wanted Mario Kart 8, what he got was Mario Kart 8 box with Bayonetta disc.

The Bayonetta box was most likely sent empty.

The WiiU that Tim sold was sent with my Captain Toad game. SmashBros was in the Toad box and Mario Kart was in the SmashBros box.

Confused? I was! Tim didn’t checked ANYTHING before he sent it. I could’ve strangled him!

So, learn a lesson from this folks! Check and double-check!!

See you tomorrow x


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