#Blogmas | The Art of Buying Gifts

Today, I wanted to take a moment and talk about gift buying. Does anyone else have someone in their life that is just so incredibly hard to buy for? I feel like everyone in mine is!


I never know what to get for my mum because she never wants to ask for much. This year, I know that she really wants a new digital camera, but I am broke so there’s no way I can afford something like that.

Instead, I bought her a really nice shower gel set from Home Bargains for around £5. I’m also going to grab a new sponge for 89p, because it’s a really good sponge (don’t judge me!) and I’m hoping to find a nice coffee/cream chocolate set for her too.


My dad always insists that we don’t buy him anything. His joy, he says, is seeing us enjoying our presents instead. But I don’t like getting him nothing – even if it would save me some money – so I bought him a foot massager (he has plantar fasciitus so it’ll help) and a little box of chocolates with a minion on the front and his name (because he shares a name with one of the minions).


My brother is two years older than me and the BEST at giving gifts. In the past, when I had more money, I’ve forked out for some super rare things for him (that cost me £100+) but this year, I had to scale back. When Tim and I got our Pokémon Sun and Moon games, we were gifted free Pokémon trading cards with them – so he’s getting those since he collects trading cards. I’ve also bought him a screen printed Yoda picture on wood from the local Christmas market that has stalls from countries like Ethiopia and Nigeria, everything there FairTrade and made by hand. Altogether, his gift has cost me just £8.


Finally, Tim. I suck at buying gifts for my boyfriend because I always buy things that I would like instead of what he would like. This year, because we’re both super poor, I’m doing a gift card for £10 and he paid £10 towards my Pokémon game. I also bought him one of the screen printed wood plaques from the Christmas Market, his has Deadpool on it.


My work is a bit higglty-pigglty in that they can’t decide if we’re doing Secret Santa or not. I haven’t bought anything for them yet, but I was planning on grabbing a small box of chocolates for each of them since I can’t afford to do more personalised gifts.

And that’s it! I’m lucky that I don’t have more people to buy for otherwise they’d all be getting I.O.Us for gifts this year.

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

See you tomorrow x


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