#Blogmas |Santa Claws: Review

So, yesterday I mentioned a bonus movie in my list of Christmas movies I watch every year and I actually did decide to watch what I’m sure will be an amazing Christmas movie with cats in it.

So the movie kicks off with Santa being attacked by a kitten in a house – not viciously, the kitten just wanted to talk to Santa. But Santa is allergic to cats and ends up ruining the presents and almost being seen by the children in the house.

The CGI to get the cats’ mouths to move is a bit off-putting, it just doesn’t look natural! Other than that, it’s actually a pretty funny start to the film.

Cut to 30 years later…

Creepy neighbour is talking to his Santa statue about talking to the Mum next door. The mum just so happens to be the girl who spotted Santa all those years ago and now has a family of her own, with three little kittens, too.

And then it went really cringey and I decided not to waste an hour and a half of my life watching it… sorry to those that might’ve been interested!

To be honest, Luffy kept walking over my keyboard (I was watching on my laptop) and demanding hugs, so I gave in and played with him instead.

Anyone think the movie is worth watching all the way through? Anyone seen it?

Maybe I’ll have watched it by tomorrow.

See you then guys x


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