#Blogmas |Five Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching

Sticking with the procrastination theme, I’ve decided to give some Netflix recommendations because why not? It’s coming up to Christmas and for some that will mean holiday time and what’s better than sitting in front of the TV/computer/tablet to watch some quality TV?

1. Black Mirror (3 Seasons)

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There’s not a lot of episodes per season – it’s a bit like Sherlock in that sense – but each episode is a self-contained story that deals with some form of technology and how it’s used to make someone’s life invariably worse.

The stories are genius and range from the mildly disturbing to the downright terrifying. The first episode is a bit of WTF moment, really. I binge watched almost every episode in a few days and I’ve been saving the final episode of Season Three for a time when I can really sit down and appreciate it.

Inventive storytelling captivates with every episode and it ranges from practically present day to well into the future.

If you’re a lover of dystopian, thriller, or technology-gone-wrong based shows, this is definitely one you should look up.

2. Daredevil (2 seasons)

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I absolutely LOVE all the Marvel mini-series on Netflix, but I think Daredevil is my favourite. Following our blind lawyer by day and the crusading red hero by night, Daredevil is all action and beautiful camera shots.

I love the little cameos of small characters from other Marvel series and I’m excited to see how the stories all converge at some point – cause it’s been heavily hinted at. I absolutely love the direction the second season is going in, but I’m not that far through it yet. This is another one that I’ve been saving for when I have the time to appreciate the show, but I’m also keen to finish the season so I can move on to watch Luke Cage next.

For fans of Marvel movies, such as the Avengers, definitely check this one out – also Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, too.

3. Fuller House (1 season, 2nd season soon!)

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I missed the show Full House when it was first aired – what with me being not born/very young at the time – so after discovering the show in my 20s and devouring every episode there was, I was ecstatic when I learned of the reboot on Netflix.

I love that all the original cast came back for the show – minus the Olsen twins. It’s basically the old show but gender flipped, and I love it. The show is just as cheesy and corny as it was back in the day and it’s a good dose of nostalgia and family values.

Definitely one for folks that like to relive shows from their younger days!

4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (1 season)

Image result for netflix gilmore girls a year in the life

This is another show that I missed the first time around. I discovered this one partly through Twitter and partly through Netflix just recommending it to me all the time. It’s a lovely story about a single mum and her daughter, navigating through life in their small town. I binge watched all seven seasons of the original show and still had to wait a month for this four-part special to be released. It was torture.

I fell in love with this show for the beautiful relationship that Lorelai and Rory have. Luke is, and will always be, my favourite person in Stars Hollow and the whole show just gave me warm fuzzies every time I watched it.

That said, as much as I loved the four-part special, I did not love how it ended. It didn’t feel like an ending, it felt like a cliffhanger before the next season is announced. I also totally saw it coming, I’d just like to add. I would watch the crap out of another seven seasons of these girls and the new challenges they’ll have to face down the road.

This is a show that you can happily watch for hours on end without stopping and it’ll leave you smiling and yearning to up sticks to a small town.

5. Jane the Virgin (1 season)

Image result for netflix jane the virgin

I literally starting watching this one yesterday and I already can’t stop. This show is about a girl who has never had sex but ends up pregnant because the doctor got mixed up and artificially inseminated her.

Jane and her family are huge fans of telenovellas and this show is exactly like one. There’s so many side plots going on and everybody knowing secrets and it’s just amazing. I’m literally going to watch all of it before the week is out because it’s just that good.

I love the humour, the secrets, the surprises. I’m already eager to find out how it will all turn out! I know that there’s going to be another season of it, but I don’t know when. I hope it’s soon!

If you like your TV shows to have a lot of drama and humour, this is definitely one you should check out.

There’s a whole load more shows I could talk about – I spend far too much time on Netflix – but I don’t want to take up too much of your time!

See you guys tomorrow x


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