#Blogmas |Procrastination Station

For today’s Blogmas post, I’d like to talk about things that distract me. Every writer’s biggest hurdle to overcome is all the things that crop up to divert attention from that WIP, so here are my top five biggest distractions.

1. YouTube


I spend a ridiculous amount of time on YouTube watching people like Markiplier, Jackspecticeye, and GameGrumps play games. There’s also the numerous cat videos and things like Try Not To Laugh challenges. I’d probably say that I spent at least 50% of my day on YouTube.

During the NaNoWriMo months, I spend the time watching people vlog their experiences – as well as uploading vlogs of my own (although I seriously failed on that aspect this past November).

In short, YouTube is the place I go when I’m supposed to be taking a small break to watch a five minute video and then suddenly it’s been three hours and I’ve written nothing.

2. Canva

Image result for canva

I like having a visual to work with and inspire my writing. Any time I come up with a new idea, I’ll write down a couple thousand words to kick the story off and then I’ll spend several hours creating a cover for it using the website Canva.com.

It’s a seriously easy to use website for creating your own book covers and there’s a ton of free images and clip art that you can use – as well as some that you can pay $1 to use.

I’ve spent a LOT of time on this website and below is a couple of my creations from the site:


3. Video Games


If I’m not watching people play games on YouTube, I’m probably playing one myself. Lately, I’ve gotten back into playing The Binding of Isaac on Steam (pictured above). It’s a super simple, randomly generated game so it’s a different experience each time you play. One run through the game usually takes about half an hour to forty-five minutes and I always just say I’ll do one run…

Then it’s five hours later and I’ve only stopped because I’m raging at it!

My biggest distraction over the last week or so has been the new Pokémon Sun game. I’ve played Pokémon since the very beginning so it was a given that I would be getting the neweest generation.

4. Making To Do Lists


I am the Queen of list making. I have notebooks filled with lists, files on my pc for lists, even Excel spreadsheets with lists! I love to write down my biggest tasks first, then break them down into smaller tasks too.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time just making these lists. I usually only get through the first two to five tasks before one of the previous things on here distracts me from the list-making.

I just love making lists, if you couldn’t already tell from the fact this post is a list!

5. My Cats


We rescued our two kittens. Luffy (ginger kitty) in July 2015 and Gray (black kitty) in January 2016. They’re a right handful at the best of times, but they just LOVE to sit on keyboards and laptops and play with computer mice and cables.

I love them dearly though, and their purrs are the best sound ever, so I never get too mad at this distraction!

What are some of the distractions that you have to deal with when you sit down to write?

See you tomorrow, guys x


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