The Art of Doing Nothing

I was at my boyfriend’s all weekend and I had planned on getting a lot of my to do list knocked out while I was there, sadly that didn’t happen.

I managed to write about 200 words for NaNo and start my Crowley drawing and that’s about it. To celebrate six months together, he bought me three books (he knows me so well!) and I spent most of the weekend trying to slot the books into my reading list – I’m only one book behind schedule for my Goodreads Challenge.

So, since I managed to accomplish nothing over the weekend. I’m using this coming weekend as my motivator for getting all the things done. I’ve made myself a mini to do list for today and we’ll see how that goes. I’m horribly behind on NaNoWriMo so that’s my biggest concern this month – although the drawings are of equal concern and so is my editing client’s second draft!

Too many things to wrap my head around at once. I can’t wait for December when I can relax a bit!

Happy Monday guys.



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