I Wonder…

Two days ago, I was on Twitter and noticed Canongate was offering a special deal between the 11th and 17th of November. If you buy a book from their website (canongate.tv) someone in their team will handpick another book for you based on what you bought and they’ll send it to you for free. Naturally, I wanted to take advantage of this offer so I asked my mum to get me a book for Christmas from them (I also asked my friend, but it’s mainly what my mum got that this post is concerned with).

So, apparently the books came yesterday – which, first of all is fantastically fast service from Canongates!

My mum came into my room and asked me ‘Does anyone at Canongate know you?’ to which I obviously replied ‘No, why?’ in a very suspicious tone.

The handpicked book comes with a handwritten note. This is what was with mine (book titles were on it so I had to get my mum to read it out to me).

Thanks for ordering from canongate.tv. As you picked [book title] for Heather, and based on the books Heather has written herself, I have picked [book title] as they match Heather’s fantastic imagination. I do hope she enjoys, let us know what she thinks.

This made me feel a bit strange. First of all, my mum did the order and I wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the transaction. So there was no mention that the books were for me. So how did they know this?

Second, ‘based on the books Heather has written herself’. How do they know what I’ve written? This one got me so confused and I was trying all of yesterday to figure out where they might have seen my work. I’ve never submitted anything to them anyway.

I’ll be honest, it actually freaked me out to think that they might know me in some way. But it is kind of cool at the same time and I’m excited to see what the books are.

The only thing that I can maybe think of is that I tweeted Canongate to say that I had asked my mum to buy me a book from them and they put two and two together with our last names. But I don’t know, it could be something else.

Anyway, happy Thursday guys!



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