Falling Behind

I started off NaNoWriMo so well, even getting slightly ahead of where I was supposed to be each day for the first week or so. Then the second week blues hit me, and they hit me hard.

At the moment, I’m sitting somewhere shy of 17,500. I had planned to stay up until 2am this morning writing, but I got to midnight and fell asleep, so no words were written.

I am, of course, wondering now whether or not to try and catch up and finish this year. This has been my problem for the last couple of years that I’ve participated in NaNo. I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing little pieces every day, instead I’ve been stuck in the trenches of re-writing. So, to be writing something completely new is actually scary for me and I’m not sure if I can continue.

I want to, obviously. I’ve got fantastic art waiting to be used as the cover, I want to be able to tweet Tom Gauld and tell him I did it, I want to get the proof copy and hold it in my hand and say ‘Yes, I did it. I wrote another novel!’

I’m going to push ahead today and see if I can’t get it done. I think I’m just burning out from all the things I’ve been trying to do lately.

Anyways, happy Wednesday guys.



One thought on “Falling Behind

  1. The wife and I both did the NaNoWriMo this past November. I got to just over 18k words, then broke my damn collar bone. I guess I could have kept hunting and pecking with 1 hand, but I chose to stop. It was just too painful. My wife, on the other hand… She’s a goddamn machine. She finished the month at 55k or so, and is up to 70k now. It’s an interesting challenge.


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