My First One Star Review

Over the weekend, I was on Goodreads updating the latest book that I’ve read and I noticed that my stats for Ashlyn and the Lost Prince was sitting at 8 ratings instead of the 7 that it’s been since forever.

So, here’s a little back story.

I wrote Ashlyn and the Lost Prince for NaNoWriMo in 2009. It was edited briefly and then placed to the side. Skip a few years, some minor edits here and there, some critiques from beta readers, and some more minor edits, I got it into my head that I was going to self-publish this novel.

I published in April of 2013. It is horrid. I didn’t edit it enough, I didn’t get enough opinions. I’m pretty sure it’s riddled with errors.

It got some pretty decent reviews – quite a few 3 or 4 star reviews from people that weren’t family (family insisted on giving me 5 to show how supportive they were being). Then I did a giveaway on Goodreads and both the winners came back with 2 star reviews.

I was disappointed, but I held my head high and said ‘At least it’s not one stay’. This was all last year.

Since then, I’ve started rewriting Ashlyn a little bit – keeping the same basic story because I figure there’s no point in reworking it too much when it’s already been published – and I’m happier with how it’s turning out. I’m eventually going to republish it through Smashwords.

The thing that annoys me the most about this one star review is that I can no longer say ‘Well at least it doesn’t have any one star reviews’. That and the fact that there was no actual review to go with the rating. So I don’t know exactly what it was this person didn’t like about my story.

Such is life. I’m taking it on the chin and will use it to motivate me when I’m writing the second Ashlyn book – which I’m hoping will not warrant a one star review (but most likely will because someone somewhere won’t like it).

Anyways, just thought I’d share that little tidbit for today.

Happy Monday guys.



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