Laughing Hysterically

I won’t lie, a lot of my time lately has been taken up with playing a game called The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (which came out on the 4th) and I’m kind of pushing everything else to the side – though not completely! So, I want to paint you a picture here.

It’s Tuesday night, I’ve just come home from work and Isaac has been released. I’m excited and I play a couple runs to get the feel for the game. Then I remember that I’ve got my first A230 assignment due tomorrow and I’m only sitting on 300 odd words. Cue panic. I frantically type up some words (in between playing Isaac) and send in the assignment at just after midnight… only to have the website tell me that there was an error and my submission didn’t go through. Cue more panic. I refresh and try again and thankfully it worked. I go to bed at 1am after playing more Isaac.

So, just to be clear. I didn’t think that I’d fully grasped the concept of the essay question. Close reading and textual analysis have never been my strong point (so naturally I pick to do a Literature degree!). I literally wrote a bunch of garbage and gibberish. At best, I was hoping for a 40 – cause that is the bare minimum I need for a pass.

So, just after midnight last night, I head to bed and do one last check of my emails. Turns out my marked assignment is back. I have a horrible feeling in my chest that it’s going to be a 10 or something, but I head to the website quickly to check it so I’m not worrying about it while I’m trying to sleep.

I got a 76. I am not kidding, that was the funniest thing in the world to me.

I read over my tutor’s comments and her opening was something along the lines of my essay being an intelligent and well-thought out argument and I clearly know how to analyze. Do I? That was honestly news to me because I thought I was writing rubbish.

The thing that made it even more amusing to me was the fact that this gibberish essay got a higher score for me than my painfully worked on first assignment for A215 – I got a 72 for that one (because I accidentally sent in the incorrectly formatted one, have apparently got too structured thoughts for freewrites, and forgot to include a bibliography).

Long may the good grades continue! I’m looking at a solid Pass 2 for these modules at this rate.

Have a great day guys! I know I will.



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