#32 Serasi 1

Here’s the next part of Serasi. I hope that you guys enjoy it!



“What should we do?”

She glanced at the man to her left. He had been a brave man once, tall and strong—age had broken him. He no longer cared for battles, especially ones that were thrust upon him.

“Kai, we will not panic for a start,” she replied, unfurling an old map on the crate in front of them. “Forent is three hundred miles to the north.” She pointed it out on the map. “That is our next stop, gentlemen. I have some unfinished business with a merchant there. He owes me a favour.”

“And what if this merchant hands us over to Oron?” Kai folded his arms.

“We shall kill him if he even so much as thinks of it,” she replied.

“Felon! Come quickly!” A young man poked his head around the fold of material at the entrance.

She rose to her feet and ran to the entrance, ducking out into the fresh air. She surveyed the camp before her. There were at least fifty tents scattered around the field. She found the same man who had called her outside and made her way over to him. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

The man was standing with two others—a young boy, and what appeared to be his father. “They say Oron’s army is heading this way,” the man told her. “Three day journey at best.”

Felon did not reply. She looked at the boy and his father, their faces etched with fear. “How do you know this?” she asked them.

“Saw it with my own eyes, miss,” the father replied. “They burned the village of Rawn. There were good people in that town. Family.”

He hugged his son close to him as the boy began to sob. Felon looked at the young man beside her. “Three days you said?”

“Three days,” he replied.


Felon stared into the bonfire beside her. She had called a council meeting, they needed a plan. She had worked hard in the last few years to set up the campsite and keep it safe—hidden. There were over a hundred people living on the camp under her protection. One hundred people depending on her. Sitting with her was Kai and four others. They were the six who started the camp, made it into the refuge it was today—they had families who had lost their homes, children who had lost their parents, people who were searching for a place to belong and feel safe.

“A threat like this has never hung over our heads before,” Felon finally said, bringing her gaze to those around her. “We must decide if we are to fight or if we are to find another campsite. We have but three days before Oron’s army arrive.”

She let their circle fall into silence, waiting to hear the opinion of her fellows.

“We should leave,” Kai said after a few moments. “Oron’s army is five hundred strong at least. We are lucky if we have fifty men to fight with.”

A ripple of noise worked around the circle, murmurs of agreement could be heard. Felon nodded slowly.

“I agree,” she said. “But we must not panic the people. If we stay calm, they will remain calm.”

“When will we tell them?” one of the other four spoke.

“In the morning, Trey,” Felon replied.

Trey nodded. He was slightly older than Felon, but he had always admired her spirit and tenacity. His hazel eyes were fixed on the flames from the bonfire, the light dancing across his tanned skin and charcoal hair.

“If we are agreed then I shall retire now,” Kai said, trying to stifle a yawn as he ran a hand through his ashen hair.

“Yes, I think it would be best if we all rest now,” Felon replied. “We must be refreshed for the task ahead.”

She watched as the others left the bonfire, vanishing into various tents. Felon remained, watching the flames dance in front of her. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, before rising and making her way to her own tent.


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