#30 We Need Diverse Books

For my final post of October, and my final post before NaNoWriMo, I wanted to bring a campaign to your awareness. We Need Diverse Books is a great campaign to get more diversity through books; to get more books with people of colour, people with disabilities, people of different sexualities a higher profile.

I will admit that I tend to write stories with perfectly healthy, heterosexual, Caucasian characters. So I’m not exactly helping the cause right now. I do have some stories that I’ve started but not finished that have characters dealing with anxiety, characters of Romani origin, and my NaNo this year will have wheelchair racing as a huge and popular sport.

I think it’s a fantastic idea to encourage people to write more diversity into their books and if you do too, click here to support the campaign. They have fantastic perks including swag, a critique of your query and first 10 pages, even dinner with famous authors!

Check it out.


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