#27 A215 Activity 5.1

So I’m way ahead of the recommended pace for my A215 Creative Writing module for the Open University. Yesterday, I started reading Chapter 5 when I’m pretty sure we’re only supposed to be on Chapter 4 this week. But anyway, the first activity in Chapter 5 is to create a character who owns ten items that are listed. So here’s what I came up with.

Write up to 250 words about the character, incorporating some of the objects into your description.

-withered poinsettia
-business card
-dusty radio
-silver locket with inscription
-bottle of herbal medicine
-auburn hair dye
-fortune-telling cards
-jar of sharpened pencils
-brand new laptop

She would sit at the table for hours, turning over cards while listening to the crackling old radio in the corner. It was soothing, she would say, like white noise. When she flicked over the last of the cards, she would take a pencil and sketch another line on the paper – keeping count – then turn to her new laptop to type up her findings.

Her business cards lay beside her on the table, to remind her to lift them when she went out later. They were sitting at the base of a vase of beautiful flowers – freshly bought the day before. She’d get rid of the withered flowers later, for now they were lying on the side table. She twisted the silver locket at her neck, remembering the day her aunt had given it to her. You have the gift was inscribed on it. Her aunt was sure she was a Seer, just like the other women in their family – she had started her fortune-telling business partly to please them.

Closing the laptop, she picked up the brown paper bag from her shopping earlier; a box of auburn hair dye – mustn’t let the gresy show – and some herbal medicine to nip her cold in the bud. Her aunt had recommended both; Mystics have appearances to keep up.

Word Count: 217

I liked the challenge of trying to include all of the items in the list within my piece and I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got. As I was going through the list, it reminded me of one of the drabble pieces a fellow student did for our first tutorial.

I actually went back just a few seconds ago and checked it to see whether I was imagining things, but nope! Her buzz word for her drabble was cards – so there’s the fortune-telling cards. Within her piece she mentions: a dusty radio, silver locket, herbal medicine, hair dye and a new laptop. I wonder if she looked ahead in the book and was inspired by this activity?

Happy Tuesday guys.



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