#26 Niggles and Doubts

As you know, I submitted my first Creative Writing assignment eleven days early because I had worked really hard on it and was proud of what I’d accomplished. I felt confident that I would get a brilliant score back on it. Well, now I’m not so sure. My old friend, doubt, has entered the picture.

I had two versions of the piece saved. One was the second-to-last draft that was still formatted incorrectly. The second was formatted to the standards in the assignment guidebook and had a few small tweaks in word choice and such.

I can’t remember which one I submitted, but I fear it may have been the one that was incorrectly formatted and thus, I’m going to lose marks for that.

And while we’re on the doubting wagon, I’m not sure I’ll be able to write a good enough essay for my Literature module now. Doubt is bad, self-doubt is worse. It’s actually holding me back from starting the essay and it’s due on the 6th!

Also, An Epic Tale. I’m already doubting whether I’ll be able to finish it next month – let alone win NaNo.

I think things are just spiralling from my worry over the Creative Writing TMA. I mean, the worst that can happen is that I’ve sent the wrong thing and I get a few marks knocked off me. I should try and just let it go.

Doubt is the worst for writing.


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