#24 My First 100!

So last night I received an email letting me know that my marked assignment was back and ready to collect on the OU website. Naturally, as soon as I read the email, my heart starting pounding and I suddenly panicked that I would get a 0.

Considering I submitted my TMA01 for Creative Writing 11 days early, my head was screaming at me that I missed something out. I’ve done something terribly wrong. I’m an idiot who shouldn’t be doing the class in the first place.

Anyway, fast forward to going on the site and I realise that the marked TMA is actually the dummy one that we had to send to make sure the system was working. So, I about had a heart attack for no reason whatsoever!

For those of you interested, we had to send our favourite quote in the TMA and here was what I chose:

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.
-Dr Seuss

So, yay! I got a 100 for my dummy TMA. Now to sit and fret until I get the actual results of my first TMA.

Happy Thursday guys.



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