#21 Miss Productivity!

Over the last three days, I have been so insanely productive, it’s actually been scary!

Basically, over the weekend, I…

-finished editing my client’s book entirely and sent it back to her for revision
-completed my first Creative Writing assignment for A215 and sent it in (11 days early!)
-broke down the three and a bit chapters I have for An Epic Tale into eight and a bit, easier to read, chapters
-hired someone to do An Epic Tale‘s cover for me (so excited for that!)
-finished chapter three of the Creative Writing course book (which we were only meant to start on Saturday, yay for being a week ahead!)
-stayed on track with the A230 course book (think I’m just a day ahead on this one)
-looked at the first A230 assignment to get an idea of what it’s on (it’s due Nov 6th, so I’m gonna get started on that soon)
-commented on all my fellow students’ drabbles on the forum (they were all brilliant!)

oh yes, and…

-watched twenty episodes of One Piece while playing Pokémon X to the second gym (got to have some fun, relaxation!)
-officially started my new ‘I’m going to kill my body’ exercise routine

As I said, insanely productive! There’s definitely a few things I can score off that To Do list I put up here.

So, now that I’ve got a lot of my tasks out the way, what am I to do with myself? Well, I’m mostly just getting geared up for NaNoWriMo at this point.

I’ve set out my proof copies in a lovely little pile where I can see them – nothing more inspiring than seeing your name on the spine of a book you wrote! (see below) 


I want to make An Epic Tale my tenth proof copy – which would mark the half way point on my goal of having twenty proofs before I’m 30!

I’m counting down the days! I’ve got 11 days to get as much out of the way as I can so it’ll NaNo Go Go all November!

Happy Monday guys.



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