#17 Unexpected Day Off

Before I go to bed, I always write out a to do list for the next day – usually about ten tasks that I want to get through. Yesterday, I got nothing done. Absolutely nothing, and it’s irritating me so much!

I got woken up bright and early by my mother, who informed me that my work had called and they needed me in. I was half-asleep, hungry, and in need of a shower to at least wake me. I phoned into work and told them that I couldn’t make it in as early as they wanted, but I’d be there for noon. So, needless to say, with me running about trying to get ready and out the door for a bus, nothing got done in the morning.

While at work I had numerous issues – I cut my knuckle, which then refused to stop bleeding (this was the smallest problem); I was in the cashpoint for just half an hour and when I came out my whole legs were in pain, I think, because I’d been running about non-stop and then suddenly stood still for half and hour; and finally, my back decided to ping on me. Usually this means that something incredibly painful twinges in my back and I need to lie down for the rest of the day, thankfully it wasn’t that bad yesterday, but it was still incredibly painful for the last couple of hours of my shift.

So, with all that done, I come home around 7pm with every intention of getting something done at least! And I find out my 3DS has been delivered. Great, I think, a nice reward for when I get stuff done! Nope. My little cousins arrived at the door to sell chocolates, so I obviously went down for some of that. By the time I got up the stairs and settled down, the door went again. My aunt and cousin are up visiting from Wales. Surprise!

The rest of the evening was spent catching up and chatting to them. So, again, nothing got done. I’m obviously not going to overload myself with things today to try and catch up, but if I can get 15 things instead of my usual 10 done today, I maybe won’t feel so lazy.

This also explains why I didn’t post anything yesterday!

Happy Tuesday everyone.



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