#16 Busy, Busy!

So over the last couple days I’ve made – what I thought was – a huge dent in my To Do list. I mean, I read the whole of Othello, rewrote a couple chapters of my novel, typed up some edits for a client’s novel, exercised, did a bunch of activities for uni… productivity was high!

But for some reason, my To Do list still seems huge.

So, for the sake of my sanity, I needed somewhere other than a piece of paper to write all this stuff down. This is my current To Do list (unfortunately for things that are mostly due this week!).

1. A230 chapter two
2. A230 drama tutorial
3. A230 Othello Tutorial 1
4. A230 Othello Tutorial 2
5. A215 TMA 1 Part 3
6. A215 Activity 2.7

7. Transfer pen edits 12-epilogue
8. Write up comment sheet
9. Write up dialogue sheet
10. Write up chapter breakdown
11. Critique chapter 1
12. Critique chapter 2
13. Critique chapter 3

14. Finish rewriting That’s Charming

15. Finish Gloin drawing
16. Finish Radagast drawing
17. Finish GoT dude drawing
18. Draw An Epic Tale cover

19. Finish reading Fool Moon
20. Finish reading The Blade Itself

The university and editing/critiquing things all need to get done this week. The drawings need to be done before the end of next month (I may or may not post them here when I’m finished them, depending on how proud I am of them). The rewrite was supposed to be finished before the end of this month so I could enter into a competition, but that doesn’t look likely now. The cover for An Epic Tale needs drawing because I have a very specific idea for it so I can’t just throw something together using stock images. And if I’m lucky, I’ll find the time to finish the two novels at some point as well. Maybe.

I’m just mega-stressed out with all this stuff that needs done. Why did I think it would be a good idea to do freelance editing while trying to revise my own novel, work part-time, and study two 60 credit modules for uni at the same time? What madness made me think I wouldn’t have a meltdown over that?


I guess I better get off WordPress (on a Sunday, no less! Not even supposed to be posting today!) and get on with these tasks. I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated.



2 thoughts on “#16 Busy, Busy!

  1. I just managed to finish Othello yesterday – enjoyed it, but Shakespeare’s heavy going on the brain when you’re being pulled in 40 different directions.

    What tutorial group you in for A230? I’m attending another tutor’s one in Edinburgh on Saturday as my tutor’s session clashed with my A215 dayschool! Argh!


    • I really didn’t enjoy it all that much when I read it, but I am juggling a lot of things and the language was just too ‘ye olde’ for me to concentrate on.

      I’m in Mary’s tutor group. My tutorial for A230 was also on the 4th – the same day as the Day School but as I was in Dundee seeing my boyfriend, I wasn’t able to attend either tutorials. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it to any future ones.


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