#14 Writing Group Prompts

A while ago I was a member of a local writing group – albeit for one meeting because it conflicted with my work hours (still does which is why I can no longer attend the meetings). Anyway, on the meeting that I went to, we went around the table and read out some things (I read out the prologue for my vampire novel, Hunted, which received great feedback and one comment of “Okay, now you’ve got my interest!” After going around the table, we came up with four prompts to do a quick story with. I didn’t have any paper with me at the time so I typed the prompts up on my phone – intending to do a piece of writing when I got home and then read it out at the next meeting.

So, here’s the prompts that we came up with:

Do you believe in God?/Does God believe in you?
Empty Tank
The Wall
Only one can go up

I wanted to write something that incorporated all the ideas. This is a short piece, and unfinished, but as I have nothing else to post for today – here it is.


“State thy name and be judged.”

“Uh… Marcus Haines.”

The podium seemed taller than necessary, Marcus could barely see the old guy sitting behind it.

“Ah yes, Haines,” said the old man, turning a page in the massive ledger before him. “Group seven.”

Marcus stared blankly at the man, who sighed.

“Over there.”

Marcus turned to see a group of people huddled under a puffy cloud in the shape of a seven. As Marcus joined the group, cloud columns rose up around them, locking them in.

“Welcome to Heaven, please enjoy your stay. Your judgement will take place in ten minutes.” A sweet voice announced.

“What happened to you?” a man in his late thirties asked Marcus.

“Broke down due to an empty tank and got crushed by a truck,” Marcus stated, very briefly reliving his deer-in-the-headlights fear from the crash. “You?”

“Skidded on ice and hit a wall,” the man said. “Seems like we’re all crash people in here.”

“Hello, group seven,” a booming voice called to them. “Your judgement shall begin momentarily.”

Marcus glanced around the group. People were shuffling about anxiously; some were praying, others crying.


As I said, it’s unfinished. I can vaguely remember where I was going with it and I may return to it one day to finish it off (I’m notoriously awful for going back to things and finishing them off though!).

Happy Thursday guys! Almost the weekend.



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