#10 A215 Creative Writing

As I’ve mentioned on my About Me page, I’m currently studying towards a BA(hons) in English Literature with the Open University. I recently sat an exam for my last ‘first year’ module and yesterday I started my ‘second year’ modules – A215 Creative Writing and A230 Reading and Studying Literature.

I’ve had the course books since sometime in September so I’ve already read most of the materials for the first week of both modules. I’m super excited to start these courses and will most likely post bits and pieces from my Creative Writing module work on here from time to time. At the moment, for the first week, we’re working on freewrites – which is something I’ve tried before and didn’t really like – and clusters – which I’ve never tried, but found rather blocking for my creativity.

There was a day school for A215 yesterday in Stirling (I believe), unfortunately I was unable to attend as I was in Dundee spending the weekend with my boyfriend and had no way of travelling to the day school. I heard that four people turned up for it and that the exercises went pretty well. My tutor uploaded the exercises to the forums on the OU website so I’m going to download them later today and give them a bash for my post tomorrow (I’m only just realising that is Sunday and I don’t normally post on a Sunday).

I’m excited to see what kind of ideas these modules spark for me in terms of writing.

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend!



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