#7 A New Day, A New Month

Happy 1st of October everyone!

I’ve decided to try and be more productive this month – especially since I’ve been so lazy this entire year. It’s time to get serious and get down to business.

I like lists. That’s one thing that most people know about me. I make a ton of to do lists almost every day (never usually complete them though), but since this is the first of the month I’m going to make a to do list that I will try my hardest to complete every day.

So, my daily to do list looks a little like this:

– write 500 words
-edit two chapters for client
-three meals a day (instead of a couple meals and snacking)
-stay on track of my uni modules

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it’s going to take me a lot of effort to get into the habit of doing it. Writing every day was an easy task for me at one point, but it’s not something I’ve done for a long, long time. With NaNoWriMo coming up, I need to get back into this habit and having a whole month to ease into it will be a good thing.

Editing is a short-term task since I’m almost finished it at the moment.

The uni modules will be the main thing that distracts me from my writing, and they are important enough that it won’t bother me too much if they do. Since one of the modules is Creative Writing, I may post snippets on here from time to time.

Anyways, happy first of the month!



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