#1 Sparkly Clean – Fresh Start

Since I decided to set up a new Google+ and gmail today for my writing related things, a new blog sounded like a good idea too. I’ve never really been all that great at keeping a blog up to date, but I promise – to anyone that may be reading this – that I will try a lot harder to keep this up to date.

So, to kick start this lovely new blog, I thought I would be a little bold and state some of my goals. If you’ve had a look at my About Me page, you’ll have seen that I’m 24. I have a file on my computer entitled ‘30 Things To Do Before I’m 30‘. In this file I have 30 goals that I would like to accomplish before I hit the big 3-0. It includes the obvious things – getting married, travelling more, learning to drive – but I thought that I would share some of my writing related goals on here – what with this being my new writing blog and all.

1. Publish a book traditionally

This is obviously a biggie. At the moment, I’m working on a manuscript that I feel has the potential to be published traditionally. It was shortlisted for the Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize in 2012 and has almost entirely positive feedback from critiques and betas.

2. Finish 5 novels

This doesn’t seem like such a big task – especially as I’ve already completed three novels (The DaisyAshlyn and the Lost Prince, and That’s Charming). In the last few years though, I’ve found it increasingly more difficult to stick with a project. I’m hoping that I will obviously finish more than five books, but I didn’t want to make a goal that would be too difficult to accomplish.

3. Have 20 proof copies

I love proof copies. I started getting them after I won a few NaNoWriMos and got codes to use on Createspace. At the moment, I have nine (two anthologies, two novellas, five novels (two rewrites)) and I love the little stack of books that have been written by me.

4. Win a writing competition

This is one that will obviously just take a little time. I’m not a great short story writer, so I seek out competitions for novel writing. At this current point in time, I’ve only ever entered two competitions – both Hot Key Book Young Writers Prize (2012 and 2013). I was shortlisted for the 2012 competition, but didn’t make it through the first round on the 2013 one.

5. Have a book signing

This is actually a big deal for me. Not because it would mean I have a book that is successful enough to merit a book signing, but because I have suffered from severe social anxiety for five years now and the thought of crowds and things used to send me into an uncontrollable panic attack. The fact that I am actively wanting to put myself in this kind of situation shows an improvement in my condition in itself (another item on my list is to be off my anxiety medication). Note, however, that I haven’t said a successful book signing. If even one person that is not a family member or friend showed up, I would consider it successful though.

6. Get a literary agent

This is another biggie. I really want to find an agent that will love my stories as much as I do and help me to get them to an audience.

7. Write a story over 100k

This is just to prove that I can really. I’m not saying that it would be any good. The longest story I’ve written so far was around 86k, so I know that it wouldn’t take much to get to 100k.

8. Finish first drafts of all the stories I want to finish

There’s fifteen stories on the list – most of them are because I have a couple of series I want to complete, now that I’ve started them. There are a few story ideas that I have, but haven’t started writing yet, that will also be added to this list eventually too.


This seems like a lot when I put it down like this, but I have six years to work through all of this and the rest of my list. Anyway, I suppose I should stop rambling now, this post is already quite long! I just thought I would take this opportunity to share a little about myself and my goals in this first post.

I look forward to getting to know any people that stumble upon this rambling mess.

Have a great day!



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